All Pegasus High Friction Products are used in the same basic way. The starting materials, Bonding Agent (liquid), Hardener (liquid), and Thickener (powder), are mixed by measure. This provides small, accurate 'mini-mixes' which can easily be brushed onto the surface. The coating does not sag, even upside down on a roller. The correctly chosen grit is then applied by simple broadcasting, and the excess removed and retained for later use. The resulting surface is then left to cure. This surface has a good in-service life, and unmixed materials have been known to last for over 10 years, so there is minimal waste. Small mixes coupled with a good 'pot-life' ensure that material wasted by going hard in the pot is usually zero, even in hot weather.

Cure time is overnight or better even down to 4/7 hours depending on the kit supplied and the temperature of the material coated.
Grit sizes available are Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Very Coarse. The Grit supplied is of the highest quality - essential for strong bonding - and is hard & sharp. This results in good frictional properties which do not lessen with time, without the need for thick coatings. White or Brown Grits are used dependant on the colour of the coating. The original coating can be painted over if required.

Where thicker coatings are needed, they can easily be produced and built up using a trowel or spreader. These may be used, for example, to fill flutes on fluted brake testing rollers, to strengthen the 'humps' on the base plates of vegetable peelers (rumblers), to produce traffic calming' sleeping policemen', and to level the surface of concrete prior to applying an anti slip coating.

Different colours can be supplied if required.

Three product ranges, Brake Roller Kits, No Slip (Anti Slip) Kits, and Rumbler (Vegetable Peeler) Kits have been developed over the years. Separate kits are needed since Brake Roller Kits need a longer 'pot-life' after mixing to allow for the adjustment of rollers when applying several patches. More rapid curing is preferable for Anti Slip Coatings, but a shorter pot life can be tolerated since application is more rapid. Rumbler Kits have to use chemicals which are suitable for use with food.
The first kits we made were successful for many years. Now called Standard Kits they use two coats, a main coat binding the grit into position, followed by a sealing coat when the main coat has cured. They are still available for some users who prefer them.

Further development work based on these Kits has led to the current ranges of One Coat Kits, first made for Brake Rollers. Careful work has allowed us retain the same Bonding System which has given excellent results over the years whilst reducing downtime from 48 to 24 hours. Results have shown the One Coat products to be, if anything, better than the older 48 hour Standard Roller Kits. The shorter cure times for Standard No Slip & Rumbler Kits allowed same-day application of the Sealing Coat, hence 24 downtime, but One Coat Kits have reduced the downtime to 4-7 hours.

Work on the No-Slip Kits has led us to a Hardener system with improved pot life and reduced hazard rating. When combined with the One Coat system this has led to excellent products.

In turn, this work has allowed us to produce improved Rumbler Kits, and Roller Kits with improved low temperature curing performance. Development work is, of course, still going on - watch this space!
All products are supplied either direct from ourselves, or in some areas from stockists. Garages should ask their motor factor. We also supply many Garage Equipment Engineers who regrit rollers and Food Equipment Engineers who regrit Rumblers. Special Engineer's Kits are available for heavier users, and we can supply 'custom built' kits where needed. That's one benefit of being a small flexible company!

For more details of individual products please look at the appropriate pages. These take the form of data sheets which can be down-loaded to your printer for off-line use. If you need more information or would like to order please go to the final page.