Pegasus Products (Leeds) Ltd has been trading since 1983. We're a small family company developing and manufacturing mainly chemically based products. We specialise in making products in 'kit form' to allow customers to carry out tasks, which they might think twice about doing themselves otherwise. Supplying all materials and detailed instructions means we can anticipate in-service problems and solve them so our customers don't have to!

Our main ranges of products are based on technology we've developed over the years to allow rough, high friction coatings to be applied to a wide range of materials. These already include metal, wood, concrete, brick, stone, tile and fibre glass. In service, they can be used for example to coat automotive brake testing equipment and dynamometers, to produce safe surfaces to walk or drive on, and to coat vegetable peelers. Surfaces suitable for most uses, from bare feet up to earth moving vehicles with very dirty tyres, and most things in between, can easily be accommodated. We are happy to discuss new uses and produce a 'custom-built' kit where it fits in with a customer's needs.

Other products include Easyslide, our 'Dry Lubricant' - a clean, white replacement for Graphite Powder. More are under development and testing and will be added to the web site when available. For example, we are producing DIY versions of some industrial products.